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Posted on 2/4/14
Runtime: 1:58

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Posted on 10/01/13
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Copyright 2014 Tiedebaby Films

The King of Arcades  

An Arcade Will Fall... A Hero Will Rise!
  • Genre : Documentary
  • Facebook Page:
  • Director : F. Sean Tiedeman
  • Cast : Richie Knucklez, Walter Day, Eugene Jarvis, Joel West, Billy Mitchell, Jerry Buckner, and Ben Gold
  • Producer : Krystle-Dawn Willing
  • Co-Producer : Adam F. Goldberg
  • Executive Producer : Eric Tessler
  • Original Music : Knuckle Sandwich, Eric Skiff, Monster Truck Fan Club, Stevan Mena, and Not Another Sequel, Just Another Prequel
  • Camera Operators : Brent Dolan, Dan Garofalo, and Sean Tiedeman
  • Extra Special Thanks : Grant F. Thienemann


This highly anticipated documentary follows arcade owner and punk rockstar Richie Knucklez as he creates one of the biggest arcade phenomena in the world.

The rollercoaster of success winds through 1980s nostalgia and takes your breath away as it climbs to unexpected destinations. Follow the rise and fall of the King of Arcades as one man pursues his dream against all odds.

The King of Arcades video game documentary is in prime position to steal our love and attention. - Gaming World United

I love when filmmakers go to unexpected places and find stories that grab you and don't let go. - GMD Studios